Rebecca Hannon research


Peter S. Reed Foundation grant

In 2009, Stefan Friedman, co-owner of Ornamentum Gallery in Hudson NY, recommended my work to the Peter S. Reed Foundation. I applied for a research grant to explore ideas in Jewelery. My desire at the time was to use the grant to travel to Ireland, home of my ancestors and produce a body of work that came out of this immersion in a new yet ingrained place. Between application and being awarded the grant, life changes crept in and I accepted a position as a full time assistant professor at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, uprooting husband and son from our lives in Ithaca, NY for this new opportunity.

The work produced for this show, with the support of the Peter S. Reed Foundation grant grows out of this transition to a new place. Living in Halifax, on the sea, under gray skies, surrounded by brightly painted houses and fishing shacks has contributed its influence.

The grant has allowed me to introduce both a new material and a new process to my work. Paper thin porcelain, delicate and translucent, and the cutting laser, rapid and precise were used in this maritime context to produce this new body of work. The year long research project culminated in a solo exhibition at Ornamentum Gallery in July 2010.


Porcelain Paper
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