Rebecca produced this new body of work for the Siat Gallery Show. Based on western and Korean playing card symbols, it explores the idea of Providence.

The title of this exhibition, Providence, has two meanings.First, the word “providence” means foreseeing care, protection, and guidance. It can be seen as God’s guidance and care for human beings and the universe or as the laws of nature governing the events of the world.

Second, Providence is the state capital of Rhode Island and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Providence, which has been a sanctuary and a new way forward for many, is a special place for the six participating artists and the director of Siat Gallery. At different times, they each lived in the city and studied Jewelry and Metals at RISD. The time they spent at Providence helped them embark on a new journey as artists and offered future directions. Today, many years after graduating from RISD, their paths cross once again at this exhibition, perhaps under the act of providence.

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